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Xinjiang invests 4b yuan to improve ruradisney wristband colors 2016l living conditions disneywristbandcolors2016

Xinjiang invests 4b yuan to improve ruradisney wristband colors 2016l living conditions

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    URUMQI -- Northwest China"s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region said it invested nearly 4.2 billion yuan ($626 million) last year to improve the living conditions in rural areas.

    The regional department of finance said the amount was doubled compared with the amount in 2017, which has been used to clean up rural areas, push forward the "toilet revolution," recycle trash and dispose of rubbish and wastewater.

    The department said social capital had been attracted to invest in projects related to the improvement of rural living conditions.

    The region will also focus on villages" living environments this year. It said rural residents are expected to play a vital role in the campaign, by encouraging them to take part in activities including clean-up, afforestation and management to provide themselves better living conditions.

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