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Onlinescreen printed silicone wristbands platform set up to report local govt failure during coronavirus pneumonia outbreak screenprintedsiliconewristbands

Onlinescreen printed silicone wristbands platform set up to report local govt failure during coronavirus pneumonia outbreak

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    An infection prevention and control worker disinfects Wuhan Hankou Railway Station in Hubei province. YUAN ZHENG/FOR CHINA DAILY

    The Chinese central government has vowed to punish any improper behavior by local governments and departments while curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia and encouraging the public to report such behavior.

    An online platform, "the Internet + Supervision", is open for the public. Through it, people can report tips that relate to local governments" and departments" sloppy administration, and incorrect or inefficient measures to prevent and control the spread of novel coronavirus-related pneumonia, according to a statement issued on the website of the State Council, China"s Cabinet.

    The statement listed examples of behaviors that can be reported, including officials" inadequate carrying out their responsibilities, ineffectively responding to prevention and control of the virus to limit its spread, slacking at work and shirking responsibilities.

    For cases involving delayed, concealed and missing reporting on the epidemic situation that lead to serious consequences, such as the spread of the epidemic, the General Office of the State Council will directly send inspectors to solve the problems.

    "Once a case is verified to be true, it will be dealt with seriously, in accordance with the law and regulations," the statement said.

    The office will collect information on such problems and accept tips from the public based on which office will supervise, and urge local government officials and departments to deal with the issues in a timely way, a measure to improve epidemic prevention and control work, it said.

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